Lamp Replacement For the 331 and 341

发布时间:2024-04-28 12:13

Customers may need to know the part numbers and/or how to change the lamp in a 331 or 341

A spare Lamp Assembly for the 331 and 341 can be obtained from X-Rite, Inc. Replace with the following parts:

P/N: 331-29 Lamp Assembly for 331 units with serial numbers below 100000

P/N: 331-129 Lamp Assembly for 331 units with serial numbers above 100000

P/N 341-37 Lamp Assembly for 341


Lamp Replacement Procedure:

1、Remove the bottom cover from the instrument by removing the four screws from the bottom cover shown in the image below

2、Unplug the lamp connector from the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly by gently pulling in the direction shown by the arrow below

3、Remove the two screws holding the lamp assembly in place as indicated by the arrows in the image below and remove the lamp assembly

4、Fasten the new lamp into the lamp chamber assembly with the screws removed in Step 3

CAUTION: Make sure the new lamp surface is clean. Remove smudges or contamination with alcohol and a lint-free cloth

5、Plug the lamp connector into the respective receptacle on the PCB assembly